Newborn Sessions

When should I schedule the shoot?
I only take so many sessions per month so I recommend contacting me to book when you are around 4 months pregnant.  This will ensure that you have a spot for the month that you plan on delivering.  

How old should the baby be when we shoot?
I prefer the baby to be around 10-14 days old.  However, if the baby is a little younger or a little older that it is fine.  I’ve photographed babies as young as seven days and as old as 25 days.  For a lifestyle and less posed shoot, it is even more acceptable if the baby is older.  It just tends to be a little tougher to pose babies after about 3 weeks of age.

How long does the shoot last?
Average time is about 2 1/2 hours.  Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  Just depends on baby and their disposition and how full their tummy is.  The fuller they are, the sleepier they will be and the faster the shoot will progress. 

Will I need to supply anything for the shoot?
Just plenty of milk (whether that be breast or bottle) and a pacifier.  I have many props, fabrics, rugs, bows, hats, headbands, diaper covers, etc.  If you have something that you want to include, then you are welcome to bring them.

Can we include siblings and/or parents in the pictures? 
I love sibling shots.  They are the most challenging and the most rewarding.  And I say that as both a parent and as a photographer.  My plan for these shots is this…Since the newborn shoots can last a couple hours or more, it’s best that we do the sibling/family shots at the beginning.  Then the dad (or grandparent) leaves with the sibling(s) when we are finished, and the mother stays with the baby.  This way we can focus only on the newborn from then on, and it helps mom to relax as well.

Is there an additional cost to include other family members in the newborn shoot?
No.  I am always happy to do any combinations of shots you want to do with baby during your newborn session.  Just know that the session is about 2-3 hours, so remember that we want to allow enough time for individual shots of the baby as well.

What days are you available for newborn shoots?
I only shoot newborns during the week and preferably Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Weekends are reserved for family time or during my peak seasons for other types of sessions.

What time of day should we plan to shoot?
Considering that I only use natural light, I start the shoot around 10:30 am and finish in the early afternoon.  This gives us optimal lighting.  I cannot shoot indoors in the late afternoon or evening.

What should the parents/siblings wear for the pictures?
I have 3 seamless backdrops that I use for indoor shoots.  A cream, a mocha and a dark gray.  I also have an ivory-colored sofa.  I recommend very basic, soft colors – light blue, light pink, off white, light gray.  Nothing too harsh or bright that could cast harsh colors on the skin.  Soft and flowy dresses or blouses work well for women.  Nice, collared, button down shirts for men are preferable. 

What type of lighting do you use for your shoots?
Natural light only!

I am interested in a lifestyle shoot in my home, but I’m unsure about the lighting.  How do I know if there’s enough natural light?
I assess this by asking you to send me a few cell phone pics taken around noon of the rooms in your home with the best natural light.  That will determine if I think there is ample light for conducting a session in your home.


Family & Child Sessions

How long does a family shoot last?
Usually about an hour and 15 min.  

What should we wear?
This is the million dollar question!  One of the hardest things about a shoot is planning and coordinating everyone’s outfits.  I totally understand!  My best advice is to choose one article of clothing that you really love- usually in my case it’s a dress for my daughter – and let that piece set the tone for your entire wardrobe.  Take a pattern and coordinate other colors and textures and accessories around that one article of clothing.  Think coordinating, not matching and add varied textures and accessories (scarves, necklaces, hats) to make it unique and interesting.  All black shirts + jeans or all white shirts + jeans is no longer acceptable.  We have to be as creative in our clothing as we are in our photo making. Generally, colors that work well are navy, cranberry, cream, gray…nothing too bright or harsh.   My goal is to create a Pinterest board with ideas for you on good outfits for pictures…stay tuned!

Where will we shoot?
Once you contact me with your interest in shooting, I will find out what type of setting you are wanting.  I shoot a lot here near my home south of Forney – rustic setting with a pond, barn, pasture, etc.  You can expect your kids to love it here because there are chickens and cows and donkeys and lots of things to see (although these things aren’t necessarily in the picture. :).  I also love shooting in raw fields where I can find tall weeds and pretty sunsets.  If you’re looking for something more manicured, then I can meet you in Highland Park at one of the parks or at Klyde Warren Park for an urban setting.  I’m always looking for and finding new spots.  I never expect my clients to worry about the location.  Once I know your expectations, then we will plan the location.

Do you charge more if I want to shoot in Dallas or to another location outside of Forney?
Yes, it’s $30 to travel to Dallas. And add’l fees will apply for further travel.

Do you shoot extended family sessions?
I only will take family sessions of up to 12 members.  

I have family coming in at Christmas and there will be 25 of us, including 4 newborns and 6 toddlers.  We want to plan a shoot sometime around then.  Are you available?
No, unfortunately not. Except for a limited number of newborns, I do not shoot in the month of December nor during Thanksgiving break.  I recommend finding a photographer who is fairly new and is wanting to build their portfolio.   (I am not joking with this question, because I get several inquiries like this often around the holidays.)

Will all of the shots be unposed?
Not all of them.  I usually start the shoot with some posed shots before we move on to the playful, interactive ones.

What time of day will we shoot?
Almost all of my shoots are in the evening.  The evening light is the best.  I realize that evening is not always the best for children due to early bedtimes and getting fussing at those times.  I can shoot at some locations in the mornings, if there is ample shade.  Shooting mid-day is never an option.  If we are shooting with toddlers, it’s always good to have snacks and a drink to help with fussiness.  

What if my child is terrible and does not cooperate at all?
I have been shooting for almost 9 years and this has only happened one time where we actually needed to reschedule.   Of course…if we do not get enough shots because it was just a totally off day for whatever reason and we couldn’t make it happen, we will reschedule.  I want you to be happy.  That is the bottom line.

Can we include our dog in the shoot?
I am a dog lover, so I love to include the family pet(s) in the shoot.  After all, they are a member of your family.  I just ask that you bring the dog on a leash, especially if you are coming to my home. We have lots of animals roaming so this will ensure that all the animals – and humans – remain safe. 


Senior sessions

How long does a senior shoot last?
Usually about 3 hours.

What should my senior wear?
We want the clothing and look to reflect your senior’s style.  Does she love to wear hats or funky jewelry or is she plain and loves a ball cap and converse tennis shoes?  Whatever it is, we want a true picture of who he/she is.  And…we also want some variety.  I usually recommend bringing a few different outfits (no limit!) so that we can vary the look in the different settings in which we shoot.  Avoid clothing with big logos or brands.  More on this to come!

Where will we shoot?
For senior sessions we will travel to various spots to shoot.  These are places that I have already scouted out, that I know are interesting – with good textures and/or good lighting.  I try and and vary the look so that you will have options.  Some seniors prefer an urban setting and for this we can go to Dallas or Ft. Worth.  We can discuss these options further if this might be of interest to them.  Additional travel charges will apply.

When is the best time for a senior shoot?
I prefer to photograph seniors in the spring of their senior year.  I just like the time of year better, mainly because I personally love the wildflowers in the spring and also because it is not as busy of a time for me.  Fall is very busy with  family sesssions, so I can only schedule a limited number of senior sessions.

What time of day will we shoot?
We will start the shoot about 4 hours before sunset.  This is the best lighting.  Shooting mid-day is not an option – due to harsh shadows and direct light on the face.  Unless it is really overcast, we will always begin the shoot late afternoon/early evening. 


General questions

What is the process once the shoot is over?
Once the shoot is over, in roughly 3-5 days (sometimes a little more during peak seasons), I will send you a link to a private gallery with the unedited images from your session.  From these images, you will choose your favorite images by selecting and submitting them online.  Once I receive your selections, I will begin editing your images.  You can expect to receive your flash drive of your favorite edited images – in color and black and white – in the mail in about 3 weeks.

How many digital images are included in my session?
Please see the investment page for exact details, but around 30.   

Can I get all the unedited images from my session?
I take great pride in my editing as much as I do my shooting.  I only want my very best work out there.  Therefore, I will not release any unedited images from a session.

Can I purchase additional images?
Yes.  Additional images are $15 each.

What type of payment do you prefer?
I prefer a check…no fees!  But I can also take PayPal, Venmo and Square.

Do you accept payment plans?
Sure!  Just talk to me and we can work something out.

Once I get the digital images, will you be able to recommend a “good” printer?
Absolutely!  That information will be included on your flash drive, along with your copyright release.

What is a print credit?
Money to spend through me on prints/products.

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