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I still consider a one year old a baby.  I used to not when I had only my one-year-old daughter.  I thought she was so big and could do so much at one.  But the older she became and the more kids I had, I realized that they are still such your sweet little baby at one.  At least that helped me not to cry when singing “Happy Birthday” at their parties!

Meet precious Clara Beth who happens to be my best friend’s niece. 🙂  I keep singing, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are gray…” because how do you look at these images and not?  Beautiful sunlight, that dress — oh that beautiful vintage but hip dress that Mama and Aunt chose…and of course the smiles we got from this baby girl.  I’m pretty sure she is her Mama and Daddy’s sunshine.  :))  (and her Aunts’ and grandparents’ and cousins’…)


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  • Helen Barnard - Wow!!! You certainly captured the natural sunlight to perfection as you caught so many of our little Sunshine’s precious expressions!
    We love you and your talents! Your love for what you do and for your subjects shows so vividly in your photos!
    Thank you for seizing that moment of opportunity!!!

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