J Allison Andrews Photography is C a n d i d F u n, An authentic & fresh approach to portraiture, employing natural light & textures,

resulting in beautiful and timeless art

I can’t believe it’s almost fall already.  Summer was wonderful.  It’s hard to see it end and even hard to get back on a regular schedule.  But I think we have done it full force.  We survived the first week of school and this school year looks promising!

I am excited to be offering 3 different locations this year for fall photo mini sessions – Christmas Tree Farm, the Bishop Arts District in Dallas and also Klyde Warren Park.

All sessions include my time + talent and 10 hi-res digital images that will be delivered via Dropbox (a file sharing site).

Christmas Tree Farm:  I am purchasing trees from a local tree farm that I will set up here at my home in Forney.  My goal is to make it feel very woodsy, organic and earthy…maybe some wooden stumps for seating.  Minimal props, although I do have access to an old sleigh for clients who would like a prop.  Or feel free to bring a prop of your own.  And always, my goal is to have pretty light behind you.


Bishop Arts District:  I have not shot here before, but it’s very trendy and unique.  Old brick buildings, pretty sidewalks, lots of color and neat textures.  It’s trendy and unique.  Follow me on Instagram and FB for examples, soon to come.


Klyde Warren Park: As long as it’s not the weekend, I love shooting here!  I love the mix of urban + green.  All the buildings in the background + the light is so pretty in the evenings.  It’s such a playful and fun place to shoot.  The kids love it and the parents always love the shots we get.  And if you’re a really fun mom, you’ll let them play in the water. 😉  (It makes the best pics!)


Let’s book soon!  Email me if you have any questions: jallisonandrews@gmail.com.


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What a happy day Lexi, her mom and I had for her senior picture experience.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day and somewhat of a reunion for us.  Well, I had not met Lexi before but I felt like I already knew her a little.  Two years ago I photographed her sweet, shy sister Erin who was headed off to Texas A&M and I enjoyed getting to know her and her mom so much…and I loved listening to her mom’s South African accent.  At the time they told me about how Lexi was much different than Erin so “just wait” for her senior pictures.  Well, they were right.  Lexi is much different than her older sister.  Just as sweet, but sassier and definitely the extrovert of the two.   

Lexi is so full of spunk and life.  Confident, but humble…sassy, but polite…sweet, but strong.  I loved getting to know her so much.  Lexi was willing to do anything…see creek pics below!  🙂  I couldn’t quite convince her to be a Texas Aggie, but I know that she’ll get enough Aggie brainwashing experiences (if she hasn’t already!) with weekend road trips to see Erin in College Station.  Lexi, I hope that your college days in Norman are truly unforgettable and that you are the mover and the shaker that I envision you to be.  Boomer! 🙂

lexi megan

Plano West Senior High | Plano, Texas
plans to attend University of Oklahoma

major:  Special Education

in 15 years I will: be a mommy and a teacher. I’ll also be 33, but let’s not discuss that.

dream vacation: Greece, Israel and Italy and the top three places I’ve always wanted to go, but my heart belongs to Disney World. 

favorite meal: my mom’s artichoke pasta

People would be surprised to know that I: have an irregular fear of feet, bunnies and squirrels. Also I was training to be a professional ballet dancer until I was 16!

My most prized possession: My rings. One has the Star of David on it to remind me of my faith and the other is two hearts that make an infinity sign. I wear it to remind me that there’s infinite love in the world and I’m lucky enough to be constantly surrounded by it. 

my best talent: making everything about me and falling over things (I fell in the creek during our session at least 10 times) 

most influential person in my life: My mom because she taught me how to be the type of person I am and because she believes in me and my dreams in a way that no one else does. Also the inventor of ice cream. That person deserves an award. 

I’m happiest when: I’m napping or with my best friend (hi Ryan!)

best childhood/high school memory:  Winning Sweetheart in my youth group. In every boy chapter there is one elected girl who gets to spend the year with them. She’s basically treated like a princess and the day I won was easily the best day of my life. 

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I feel like I say this a lot, but I am more and more impressed with the discipline and maturity of the seniors with whom I encounter every year.  Cole was no different.  But just as disciplined and mature as he was, he was equally as funny and cute and such a cut-up for us.  Really, such a breath of fresh air.  He had his mom and I literally dying laughing so many times with his stories and funny facial expressions.  Oh, and he has the best accent…he sounds so much like Harry Connick, Jr.!

Cole is really big into working out and being disciplined about getting his body right.  I admire that so much, because it’s definitely something that I need to work on more.  It’s so important to him that he plans to study Kinesiology at LSU.  It’s obvious that he’s already very serious about it.  I believe that whatever career path he chooses, he will do big things.  Thank you Cole – and family – for choosing me as your photographer.  I loved our shoot! 

Enjoy some of my faves.

cole jacob

Forney High School | Forney, Texas
plans to attend Louisiana State University

major:  Kinesiology

most influential person in my life:  My parents.  All of my accomplishments stem from the discipline and responsibility they have instilled in me. I am all that I am because of them, and I am forever grateful.

In 15 years I will: have a 2000 lb Power Lifting total. 😉

I’m happiest when: I’m lifting and when I’m drumming.

best childhood/high school memory:  Performing in the DCI World Championships, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN.

people would be surprised to know that: I have a Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Dream vacation:  Venice Beach, California; time at the beach and four days to work out at the Mighty Iron Addicts Gym, Super Training Gym, and Gold’s Gym.

favorite meal: fajitas and sweet potatoes.

my best talent: lifting and drumming.

Most prized possession: The experience of a Drum Corps Tour, the summer of my junior year.


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The first thing that I noticed about Baylee was obviously her beautiful red hair.  There is something about red heads that photographers love.  I guess it’s a combination of the striking contrast in color with everyday backgrounds and maybe it has a more unique way of reflecting light, but it’s safe to say that Baylee did not disappoint in the beautiful red-head department.  And her stunning blue eyes and her warm smile just put the icing on the cake.  We got so many beautiful shots.

Baylee came with her mom, best friend and her two horses, Doc and Lucas.  We saved the horses till the very end so they got to ride all around town in the trailer waiting for their turn to be a part of the shoot.  And when it was time, they were ready!  We had the prettiest sunlight, which was so nice after a few bad hailstorms we’ve experienced here.  Baylee was so great with the horses – gentle, but stern…poised, but in control.  She wants to be a vet someday and after watching her with her horses, I can totally envision her doing that.  She seems very determined and set on this career path.  I hope that she fulfills all her dreams.  Thank you, Baylee, for letting me capture you.

Enjoy some of my faves.  🙂

baylee kay

Garland High School | Garland, Texas
plans to attend Oklahoma State University

major:  Animal Science

in 15 years I: see myself fulfilling my dreams of working with animals and hopefully being a vet.

favorite meal: sushi

dream vacation:  going to Europe to see the art and the history that has followed it.

my best talent: barrel racing and photography

people would be surprised to know that: I am passionate about art and photography.

most influential person in my life: I’d have to say Kasey Hogland.  She has always been someone who I’ve looked up to when it comes to riding/barrel racing and she’s always been an inspiration to me.

I’m happiest when:  I’m on a horse riding.

Most prized possession:  my horse, Doc

best childhood/high school memory:  probably have to be the day that I got Doc.


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Oh, what a sweet soul Miss Kari is.  My first memories of Kari were from 2 years ago when we shot her older sister’s senior pictures at her family’s farm.  She was our chauffeur, driving the golf cart all over and taking us wherever we wanted to go.  Well, here we are now showcasing her senior pictures from shots we got all over her family’s farm.  It’s always funny we I go to someone’s home to shoot and find spots to use, and the moms and dads will often say, “Wow, I never would’ve imagined that that would be a good spot.”  I’m telling you – beauty is everywhere.  With the right light (and good weeds!) and a subject like Kari we couldn’t go wrong.  

Kari has the most radiant smile and the sweetest face.  And so photogenic.  She told me that she hated pictures, but by the end she was totally into it, posing for me without much direction at all.  This girl is sharp, ambitious, kind and ready to do big things.  I’m glad that I got to be a small – but important part – of her senior year.  Thank you, Kari, and family.  I wish you nothing but the best.

kari michelle

Forney High School | Forney, Texas
plans to attend UT Arlington

major:  Medical/Nursing

in 15 years I will: hopefully have my medical degree and successfully started my business.

favorite meal: Mexican food.

dream vacation: Australia

my best talent: To achieve anything I set my mind to.

people would be surprised to know that: I have found the man that I will marry.

most influential person in my life:  My father. He has always pushed me to the limit and encouraged me to do my best. He started from nothing and worked his was up and now owns his own company.

I’m happiest when:  I am with my family hanging out around the farm.

Most prized possession: my horse because I saved all my money when I was a kid and bought him myself.

best childhood/high school memory:  a fishing trip my family went on and everyone got seasick.


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