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I have known Miss Kaylee and her family for several years now and they are very special to me.  Her dad was my oldest daughter’s soccer coach, and an amazing one!  He taught her so much more than just soccer, and for that I am very thankful.  I respect him very much as a man, and I know he is a wonderful dad and role model to Kaylee.

I took Kaylee’s older brother’s senior pictures a couple years ago.  Blake and his dad came for the end of Kaylee’s shoot and made sure to give us all a painful play by play of the Texas A&M football game, and their almost disastrous finale to Tennessee.  Multitasking at its finest! Kaylee’s mom and sister and grandmother came along for the entire shoot and we enjoyed catching up and shooting simultaneously. Good dialogue always helps us get such great candid shots and really bring out the personalities for the seniors.  I got so many great shots of Kaylee just with natural smiles and laughs – ones that I love.  I had the hardest time narrowing down the images for her gallery!

Kaylee is a God-fearing, sweet, ambitious, athletic (big time basketball player!) and intelligent young woman who plans to make a huge impact on the world.  Her light is radiant and I am so blessed to know her and her family.  Thank you, Kaylee, for choosing me!  I can’t wait for your future.

kaylee lynn

Dallas Christian High School | Mesquite, Texas
undecided on college plans

major:  Elementary Education

in 15 years I will: be married and hopefully be teaching and maybe have children.

dream vacation: Europe.

favorite meal: soup and salad

People would be surprised to know that I: am not a very good driver.

My most prized possession: my Bible

my best talent: art and basketball

most influential person in my life: My basketball coach, Warren Southers. He has taught me so much and is like family to me.

I’m happiest when: I’m with my boyfriend.

best childhood/high school memory:  going on adventures with my friends.


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If I learned one thing from this shoot it’s that senior guys can care as much about their hair as senior girls.  And let me tell, Blake did have some model hair.  😉

Although he wasn’t really up for modeling – Mom had already warned me many times that he was very anti-pictures – he did really well for me!  And I am truly appreciative of that.  I know that taking pictures can often times be out of someone’s element, but I do my very best to make it fun and for it not to seem like the painful process that it’s often envisioned to be.

Blake’s mom and I go way back.  We used to work together at a couple different elementary schools and we have been great friends since Blake was little.  Since I have been busy with my own kids and working so much, we haven’t been able to see each other enough and I haven’t seen Blake in forever.  To see him now as a handsome, sweet and mannerly young man is so refreshing. We talked about how ambitious he is and how some of the students in his graduating class are not quite as goal-oriented as he is…I know his parents are so proud of that.  I just kept thinking about how much I hope that my kids are the same way when they are high school graduates.  And that my husband and I are instilling those same type of values and morals into our children that have been instilled into Blake.  

I think it’s a job well done all around.  Keep dreamin’ and doin’, Blake.  

blake tyler

Rockwall High School | Rockwall, Texas
plans to attend University of Texas at Arlington

major:  Nursing

in 15 years I will: be a nurse practitioner.

dream vacation: Black Forest in Germany

favorite meal: steak

People would be surprised to know that I: play the piano

My most prized possession: my car

most influential person in my life: My parents.  They’ve taught me morals and values.

I’m happiest when: I’m with my friends.

best childhood/high school memory:  receiving college acceptance letter


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  • Suzanne Reynolds - These pics are fabulous and I love all the captions. What a handsome guy you are ,Blake ReplyCancel

If you’re a high school (female!) senior, what’s more fun than the day you get to get all fixed up and model and laugh and pose for 3 hours and take your senior pictures?  The day that you get to do all this with your VERY BEST FRIEND since kindergarten!  Yes, a senior best friend photo shoot happened, and these were my first seniors for 2017!

When McKenzie’s mom contacted me about doing this, she originally wanted to schedule the session for mid to late summer.  I advised that maybe we wait until the end of September hoping that we might see a little bit cooler days.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  It was a record 100 degrees for mid-Sept., but we did have sunny skies and a beautiful sunset.  And the most beautiful girls with the prettiest smiles and biggest personalities.

McKenzie (left) and Taya (right) did everything I asked.  I even found a field full of these beautiful – but spikey – purple thistles and they trampled through them for the most amazing shots at the end of the night. I should also mention that they were full of bumble bees, too.  But hey, it’s like I tell my own girls – “Like beauty – getting a good shot – is sometimes pain.”

taya michele

Caddo Mills High School | Caddo Mills, Texas
college plans:
major:  undecided

In 15 years I will: have a college degree, a stable job, a child and my own house with my family.

mckenzie leigh

Crandall High School | Crandall, Texas
plans to attend Letourneau University (playing softball!)

major:  Elementary Education, minor in Kinesiology

In 15 years I will: hopefully be teaching little children in an elementary school and be a coach.

(McKenzie) most influential person in my life:  My mom.  She’s my best friend and the person I can tell everything to.
(Taya) most influential person in my life:  My mom.  She’s always there for me and knows exactly what to say when I’m upset.

(Taya) I’m happiest when: I’m with my family and boyfriend.

(McKenzie) I’m happiest when: I’m with my family.  They make me smile!

(Taya) best childhood/high school memory:  traveling with all the girls in my family to New York on July 4th weekend.

(McKenzie) people would be surprised to know that: my nickname is Ethel.  It is not a family name. My aunt made it up when I was a toddler.  People think it’s my real name.

(Taya) Dream vacation:  The Bahamas or Hawaii
(McKenzie) Dream vacation:  Going to Australia, sitting on the beach and getting tan

(McKenzie) favorite meal: grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries.
(Taya) favorite meal: Chick-Fil-A

(Taya) my best talent: playing volleyball

(McKenzie) Most prized possession: My necklace I got for my 17th birthday.
(Taya) Most prized possession: My senior ring and letter jacket.

(Taya) people would be surprised to know that: I was diagnosed with scoliosis the summer before my 7th grade year, and I wore a brace for almost two years.

(McKenzie) best childhood/high school memory:  going to Disneyworld for the first time on my 6th birthday and getting to eat breakfast with Cinderella (my favorite Disney princess).

(McKenzie) my best talent: baking!


All the best, McKenzie and Taya!

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  • Sandy Wells - I’ve watched these two grow from little darling girls to the beautiful young ladies they are.  A beautiful job capturing their spirits!  I have to go back through and try to see clearly through a grandmother’s tears!  Ethel’s NannyReplyCancel

No children were harmed in the making of this photo shoot.

But one of them came a little close.

My goals for the night were to test the lighting with my “clients” and figure out where exactly I wanted to conduct my mini sessions in the next few weeks and then to celebrate my husband’s 42nd birthday – all in the Bishop Arts District.  The Bishop Arts District is in Oakcliff, an old area of Dallas that has been revitalized with the coolest shops and hippest restaurants.  It is charming and trendy yet still maintains that sense of old Dallas – not stuffy or pretentious.  The streets are lined with trees and lights adorn some of the buildings….lots of orange brick, colored doors and painted murals.  It just feels so alive.

But back to my clients.  My kids – minus one.  My oldest daughter takes a theater class on Wednesday evenings so she wasn’t able to join us for the mock photo session.  “Lucky me!” she said as I dropped her off and got ready to drive to the other side of DFW with the rest of the kids in tow + Dottie, our 11 month old Sheepadoodle.   Unlike the vibrant and enthusiastic feel of the neighborhood, my three are quite the contrary.  They aren’t really too pumped about helping me out…and mainly I’m talking about my Camille.  Really, it just takes one to set the mood for the rest of the bunch. Isn’t that right, Moms?

GOOD-NESS! If looks could kill, I would not have made it home.

We continued shooting.  And we did get some cute shots.  I think I bribed Camille here with a replacement Apple Bloom (My Little Pony) since Dottie chewed off the other one’s leg.

All was going pretty well until raindrops came out of nowhere – out of this bright, sunny sky.  If you look closely in the picture above, you can see them.  Soon, it was raining pretty hard so we took cover across the street at Tillman’s Roadhouse.  (If you ever get the chance, eat here!  The ambience and menu are both unique and delicious.)


We ended on a happy note…playing in puddles and leaving soon to go meet Daddy and big sister at Gloria’s for a birthday celebration.

My plan was to also take a few pictures of my oldest, but it was getting too dark and I was exhausted.  Because of course, the work for this started early in the day.

Like giving the dog a bath.

Yes, just the dog.

I wanted to show off more spots, but the rain put a damper on that.  For my clients who have mini sessions scheduled here, I think you are going to love the colors and textures.  There are cute little alley ways and other areas off the beaten path, too, that caught my eye as we were leaving that I think will be great spots.  Hopefully these few pics give you some idea of what the area looks like of where we’ll be shooting.

And regarding clothing…always the important question!  I think shades of blue would work well here.  It would contrast well with the orange brick and with all the trees and greenery.  I would probably avoid oranges or reds because you don’t want to blend in too much with the buildings/surroundings.

And, of course, if you have a dog bring him/her!  I love including the family dog in your session.  There are several restaurants with patios that allow dogs if you plan to go out to eat afterward.  Why wouldn’t you?  Everyone deserves a good meal after 25 minutes of hard labor.

So my overall review is that The Bishop Arts District is a great place to shoot, even with clients who can be a tad stubborn. 🙂

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I can’t believe it’s almost fall already.  Summer was wonderful.  It’s hard to see it end and even hard to get back on a regular schedule.  But I think we have done it full force.  We survived the first week of school and this school year looks promising!

I am excited to be offering 3 different locations this year for fall photo mini sessions – Christmas Tree Farm, the Bishop Arts District in Dallas and also Klyde Warren Park.

All sessions include my time + talent and 10 hi-res digital images that will be delivered via Dropbox (a file sharing site).

Christmas Tree Farm:  I am purchasing trees from a local tree farm that I will set up here at my home in Forney.  My goal is to make it feel very woodsy, organic and earthy…maybe some wooden stumps for seating.  Minimal props, although I do have access to an old sleigh for clients who would like a prop.  Or feel free to bring a prop of your own.  And always, my goal is to have pretty light behind you.


Bishop Arts District:  I have not shot here before, but it’s very trendy and unique.  Old brick buildings, pretty sidewalks, lots of color and neat textures.  It’s trendy and unique.  Follow me on Instagram and FB for examples, soon to come.


Klyde Warren Park: As long as it’s not the weekend, I love shooting here!  I love the mix of urban + green.  All the buildings in the background + the light is so pretty in the evenings.  It’s such a playful and fun place to shoot.  The kids love it and the parents always love the shots we get.  And if you’re a really fun mom, you’ll let them play in the water. 😉  (It makes the best pics!)


Let’s book soon!  Email me if you have any questions: jallisonandrews@gmail.com.


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